Thursday, March 19, 2009

Look at the baby Canadian feminists say should not have had the right to life in the womb

When feminists defend late-term abortion, they assure us that only "seriously handicapped" babies are aborted. You know, babies with anencephaly or grossly deformed features.

No viable babies are ever aborted in Canada. Just ones who are going to die anyway.

Well guess what? They're wrong.

This story focuses on the wrongdoing of a Catholic priest who advises women to terminate prematurely in the face of handicapped babies.

While this is a great scandal in the Church, let's not forget who made it possible for that baby to have no rights in the womb.

Canadian feminists.

That baby could have been killed at 23 weeks gestation. But so what? In the words of Joyce Arthuer "fetuses are not that imporant." That about sums up the feminist attitude.

If fetuses have rights, it would create a "conflict of interest." Babies like Jayla might "infringe" on the mother's rights and have to be saved at the expense of the mother's wishes. A woman's autonomy is the only thing that matters. A human life must be allowed to be sacrificed for this all-important feminist power.

And if little Jayla had to die because of the mother's wishes, the feminist attitude is: tough luck Jayla! You have to die! You are sub-human and have no rights and do not deserve them.

Luckily, Jayla's mother was smart and consulted a number of authorities, and Jayla is alive today, no thanks to feminists.

And how is the baby doing? Mrs. Gillian de Souza, her mother reports:

Her baby Jayla is now four months old and could be heard cooing in the background as Mrs. DeSouza was interviewed. Gillian has become an expert on her daughter's triple X syndrome and heart defects, and uses and explains in detail the terminology involved in the condition. Jayla is doing fairly well after one surgery, with another scheduled. Jayla is neither on a feeding tube nor a ventilator. She is sleeping and eating well, but is having trouble gaining weight.

A complication after birth led to treatment for meningitis, which caused the baby to become profoundly deaf - another blow to the parents. But Gillian remains upbeat, noting that her baby is a candidate for cochlear implants to deal with the deafness.

This is the baby that could have been sacrificed on the alter of feminist power. This is why I refer to it as "feminist supremacy." Little Jayla's rights did not matter in the womb, only feminist rights did.

There could be two or three hundred dead babies like Jayla every year.

But since they're only less than one per cent of all abortions, they don't matter. What's a human life when the principle of abortion on demand is at stake? If viable second- and third- trimester handicapped babies have to die, oh well. There's no reason to put restrictions on late-term abortions. Only women matter. There's no room for compassion and legal protection for unborn children.

And people wonder why I hate feminism. People say that all I care about are fetuses. Except that as a woman I obviously care about myself and my gender.

All feminists care about are women (well actually, socially liberal women and other politically correct minorities, but that's another blogpost). Women who already have rights and power. As opposed to the unborn who have no rights and no power.