Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Politics of the Cross: The Great Abortion Reduction Scam of 2008

Craig Carter:

Wallis and co. made a big deal of the study posted on the website Catholics in Alliance for Common Good that purported to "prove" that increased welfare funding to single mothers decreases abortion. Once the election was over, the study was pulled down and then replaced a couple of days later. The reason? The data on the number of abortions was "discovered" to be wrong. The study did not actually "prove" what it purported to prove. (...)

A few weeks later, it was revealed that the Board chair of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, was an Obama fundraiser and even a member of his National Finance Committee. She raised over $350,000 for Obama during his run for president. Yet the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good organization claimed to be "non-partisan" as it consistently argued for positions taken by Obama.


For years, Wallis has harped on how bad it was that Evangelicals were "in bed with" the Republican Party and how corrupting it is to sell your soul to a party. He liked to give the impression that, being non-partisan himself, he was free to be "prophetic" rather than playing party politics, unlike the Dobsons and Colsons and Robertsons, who had sold out. What utter hypocrisy on Wallis' part! At least, Dobson, Colson and Robertson came right out and admitted that they were voting Republican, rather than trying to hide their partisanship behind a cloak of neutrality.