Monday, March 30, 2009

Randy Hillier says he would make HRC's redundant: Family Coalition would ABOLISH them

I've seen some positive reactions to PCPO leadership candidate Randy Hillier's statement that as premier of Ontario, he would make the commissions "redundant".

Speechers see some political opposition to the HRC's, and they're thrilled. Randy's their man.

The problem is what he doesn't say.

He will not abolish them.

They will still exist to take complaints. They will exist to push through a politically correct agenda. Sure, rules of procedure will make it somewhat harder.

But a future liberal government would be able to reverse those measures.

The surest way to guarantee liberties is to abolish them and abolish all complaints that depend on feelings of hurt and discrimination.

We already have a court system to deal with legal complaints. Why continue with a parallel system?

It's time to abolish the Human Rights Commission. Making them "redundant" will only leave them open to being re-activated.

Free Speechers, don't settle for anything less that their full abolition. Bargain wisely. If he's promising to make them redundant now, down the line, he might simply place a few restrictions. Politicians tend to over-promise. He may not live up to that exact commitment.