Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stagelift Gives Birth to the Ficki

I'm glad he chose birth:

a) Choose someone in blogdom. Anyone. It can be a blogger, or a regular correspondent without a blog.

b) Write a one-paragraph fictional sketch that sums them up. Because it’s fictional, we’ll refer to it as a “Ficki”.

c) The only rules are that you can’t do yourself, and that your Ficki may contain NO correct factual information, as far as you know. (Peter may actually BE a retired beekeeper, for all I know). It has to be fiction.

d) If you do a blogger, send them a note to let them know they’ve been fickied, and link them back to this thread so they can discover their inner essence as seen by the world.

SUZANNE. She was born into a catholic family in Sarnia, the eldest of 14 children. At an early age Sandy, she later changed it to Suzanne, decided to move to Ottawa to earn her keep. And earn she did. She became the go-to ‘girl’ for all the elite power brokers there. Although the men in her life were generous, and she had become a wealthy women, she was becoming a shallow superficial shadow of her former self. After much agonizing over where her life should lead, she eventually moved to Niagara Falls to study rainbows.