Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why does no one stand up for abortion?

Whenever I have conversations about abortion, it is very rare to come across people who say that abortion is a good thing-- who call themselves "pro-abortion".

Why is that?

Abortion is supposed to be a legitimate medical procedure.

Abortion is supposed to be health care.

I am completely in favour of healthcare. If someone needs a legitamite medical operation, I'm for it. No question. If someone were to want to criminalize an operation, I'd be pro-operation.

I know that it has to do with "choice", that some people who are against abortion are for choice, etc.

But if you're working for greater access to abortion, aren't you for it?

If you're working for more doctors to be trained in this operation, aren't you "pro-abortion"?

Why do people who have no moral qualms about abortion bristle at the epithet?

I get the distinct impression that people who are in favour of legal abortion are embarrassed by it.

Are they ashamed to be "pro-abortion"?

Are they afraid to be isolated as a small minority in the population?

I wonder about that.