Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Auxillary Archbishop of Linz tells it like it is

I nominate this man for pope!

Oh I long for the appointment of this man as a bishop. I wish there were some way to draft this guy into Canada. We need him!

Mons. Wagner even attacked the murderous abortion laws and criticized the “fabric softening” Austrian Bishops:

"I say that today in the church one may no longer say what is Catholic. Have the bishops already greatly conformed to politics as well? "- he asks rhetorically.

In addition, Mons. Wagner knows that there is a connection between spiritual pollution - such as gay perversion - and natural events.

Mons. Wagner does not believe in the cuddly God propagated by the faithless clergy: "I put all my money for it, when anyone promotes the biblical position, where the speech of God is love."

The loving God who does everything the people want, "because he is so popular, does not exist" - stresses of Mons. Wagner.

There is the God of love - but He also shows us the means of punishment."

A bishop who speaks plainly. What a refreshing change.