Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feminists scorn posthumous adoption of aborted babies

In response to my story about the posthumous adoption of abortion babies, Dammit Janet blogger fern hill echoes Gigi:

Is there no depth of the creepy weirdness to which you pro-lifers WON'T sink?

Let's see. There was no legal action. And it was a means to help heal from an abortion.

Hm. Sounds like feminists are being judgmental again.

A woman who was clearly wounded from previous abortions takes personal and non-legislative action to help her heal--

And they jump all over her.

How feminist of them. It just oozes with solidarity with women who've had a painful abortion experience.

It makes you wonder about what they think of women who baptize their aborted babies, or women who remember their unborn children in visions.

And what does DeBeauxOs think of this respect for the unborn?

Yeah, it's called religious zealotry disorder™

I've often found it strange that left-wingers are supposed to be the advocates of the sick and the disabled, including the mentally ill, and yet when they want to cast aspersions on a political opponent, they often resort to calling them mentally ill.

Not very progressive, if you ask me, to use a disability of sorts to stigmatize others.

But then, it's not unlike the way communist regimes would stigmatize opposition to their tyrannical rule by branding dissent as a psychiatric disorder and sending them to mental hospitals to be "cured".

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, ideologically speaking. They have a hard time reconciling with the notion of dissent, and assume the only possible explanation is a disease which one can use to justify ridicule and isolation.

The white supremacists of old used to brand abolitionists as lunatic "n*gger lover" zealots.

It seems that I'm in good company.