Thursday, April 16, 2009

Move over Octomom: Algerian woman reported to be carrying up to 11 fetuses

I'm a bit conflicted about reporting this story, because it's really just "developing". Still, it does pique one's interest.

An Algerian news site is reporting that an unidentified 28-year-old woman from Ouricia is 9 weeks pregnant, with a confirmed 9 gestational sacs. Another website reports that she had 11 fetuses, but 4 are already dead, but seven are alive. Medical authorities believe that five of those children could survive in good health. However, this report does not cite a source.

The mother was supposed to be transferred to a hospital in Algiers for further observation.

Nine gestational sacs would probably mean 9 fetuses, but it could be more. If you recall the story of Nadya Suleiman, she was expecting seven babies and she gave birth to eight.

This story may end here. For all we know, the babies could be miscarried. Still, that is quite some feat.