Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stephen Harper deserves what he gets

Mike Brock at the Western Standard:

You see, Mr. Harper, when you tell your entire base to essentially go fuck itself by under-bussing the social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and libertarians all at the same time, what you have left is the Conservative equivalent of Jason Cherniak beating his tired drum. It's embarrassing.

I do hope Michael Ignatieff wins the next election, because I don't see that he could be any bloody worse than what we have now. I don't. Even social conservatives have shared this view with me in private conversation.

I'm not really keen on the Liberals winning the next election. But I'm not keen on the Conservatives winning, either. Stephen Harper will get what he deserves if that's the case.

A compromise does not consist in completely throwing aside one's principles. I could have accepted a compromise.

But what Stephen Harper is doing is caving. None of his major policy initiatives are conservative. If he had at least balanced the budget, I would have kept my silence.

But he's throwing all of us under the bus now. It's a major strategic political blunder. If your base won't get out the vote, you can't win elections. It doesn't matter how well you're doing in the polls.

H/T Werner Patels