Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surprise: feminist resorts to ad hominem

I had to laugh when I read this screed about me.

Being a little judgmental of another woman, I see. How feminist of deBeauxOs.

Who I am is really completely irrelevant to the discussions I have on this blog. It seems that some people feel that smearing others it the only way to advance their agenda. It's meant to put the target on the defensive and discuss the messenger instead of the issue.

But if there's anyone who seems to be angry, it's dBO.

I put her screed on my blog because there's no truth to it. Anyone who knows me and my family knows it's baseless.

I simply uphold it as an example of the kind of character assassination some feminists are willing to engage in. What a pity. She would rather fling crap than exchange ideas. I guess that shows the quality of her character.

I suppose that some feminists are not used to confronting strong, educated, socially conservative women seeing as they shelter themselves from any serious challenge to their beliefs. The cognitive dissonance between their prejudices and reality is too much for them to assimilate,I guess.