Friday, May 01, 2009

Down with Saccharine Christianity

I had some harsh words for people who were sending Myah walker hate mail about her and her baby.

I wrote:

Nice going jerks. Show yourselves for the small-minded, hateful little pricks that you are. We'll expose you.

I have read some of the nasty things people have said about Myah and Faith. And it's not just a matter of polite disagreement with Myah and her assessment of who/what Faith is.

It is positively vicious.

A commenter criticized me for my language:

How very Christian of you. Nice language there, too. Didn't Jesus say to turn the other cheek?

More saccharine liberal proof-texting.

This kind of simplistic quoting is okay to teach 1st-graders to be respectful to one another. You can't give them a complex exposition on how to treat people.

But as you grow, your ability to understand morality and biblical injunctions should grow, too.

But it seems that some people's bible interpretation skills don't go past the 1st grade.

Some people have the misconception that Jesus' message was to be nice to everyone, never say a discordant word in all circumstances.

Jesus never said that, and his behaviour did not reflect that belief.

In the Gospel of Matthew, there are several examples of Jesus not being nice.

There is the famous example of Matthew 23, in which Jesus upbraids the Pharisees.

In Matthew 15, Jesus shows his frustration at the apostles for not understanding his words about uncleanliness:

"Are you still so dull?" Jesus asked them.

Jesus did not make a habit of using invectives and harsh language, but he did use them selectively for effect.

Myah had some choice words (huh, the irony of that phrase) for those who sent her nasty emails. People took offense at her rant, wondering what in the world that they did that was so wrong.

Gee, what could have possibly set her off?

Then they blame her for her intolerant form of Christianity-- never mind what was actually sent to her.

"Pricks" is offensive, but not calling her baby all kinds of names isn't?

This is the kind of crap that Saccharine" Christianity allows to perpetuate.

Being nice is fine and commendable. But there is a Golden Mean for everything.