Friday, May 22, 2009

Fetus survives abortion assault, possibly injured

Naples, Utah:

NAPLES, Utah - A man in Utah beat a pregnant teenager who asked him to do so in an effort to induce a miscarriage, police said Friday.

Arron N. Harrison, 21, was jailed in lieu of $10,000 bail for allegedly beating a 17-year-old girl whose name authorities haven’t released. She is also in custody.

"I haven’t decided who’s more at fault," Mark Watkins, police chief of Naples, 200 kilometres east of Salt Lake City, told The Associated Press. "She was just as cold as the assailant - we’re not going to treat her as a victim."


"Her intention was, in fact, to abort the child - to terminate the pregnancy," he said.

The six-month-old fetus survived, but doctors won’t know for certain what injuries it may have sustained until it is born.

If this occurred in Canada, there would be no justice for him. (At least not until he was born.)

According to the law, his injuries only began to exist at birth.

If he's born alive.

Those are the mental gymnastics supporters of legal abortion must exercise in order to state that abortion doesn't kill a human being.

Legal fictions have a strange way of being completely illogical and disconnected from reality. But that's what feminists have to rely on to sustain their abortion-on-demand regime.

And if the unborn child sustains injuries in the womb and then dies?

"So what?" Say feminists. "Too bad, so sad, no justice for you."