Monday, May 11, 2009

Frank Klees is pro-life, what?

When I read this post from Joseph Ben-Ami, I thought of my blogpost on taking pro-life voting to the next levl.

As for Frank Klees, there’s no doubt in my mind that he – like so many others who have enjoyed the endorsement of CLC over the years – is a knowledgeable and dedicated fan of the unborn and their defenders.

In the final analysis however, a fan is still, just a fan.


Hillier, on the other hand, not only has a plan to defend free speech and private conscience, he has a record of action too. In fact, the whole reason he entered politics in the first place was to fight for those rights.

That’s why I believe that Hillier is the only true pro-life candidate in this race. He understands that the only way to win is to score goals, that goals can only be scored one at a time, and that the only way to score those goals is to lace up the skates and get into the game.

Give pro-life candidates a chance to prove themselves.

But if they go to the Legislature, and do nothing for the pro-life cause, perhaps they are not worthy of a pro-life vote.

Hold pro-life feet to the fire.

If they do not perform, vote for someone else. Don't volunteer for their campaigns and don't send them money.

Being faithful to pro-life views is not enough folks. The old saying from Mother Teresa about how we are not obligated to be successful is okay for the spiritual life, but in life, you can't plan to fail. You must plan to succeed. Failure is not an option for the pro-life cause.