Sunday, May 24, 2009

One woman talks about her choice: the Crisis Pregnancy Centre

In response to the pro-abortion feminist picket at a Winnipeg CPC, Maggie says:

I really dont understand why there are women who are “pro choice” trying to attack other women who just believe in giving life a chance. I have been to the CPC. Im an 19 year old with a baby. When I thought i was pregnant again, they really shed light on not just how hard it would be to raise two children on my own but also how abortion affects a woman, the father of the aborted child, and the grandparents of the aborted baby. The truth is that if I was going through my first crisis pregnancy, i would of rather known about the CPC then go to a teen clinic at the Women’s health clinic. Some people think just because your young your not ready for responsibilities or that you would automatically want an abortion because you didnt plan on having a baby. The truth is that no one ever really plans their children. And that Unless if you havent been in a true unplanned/crisis pregnancy situation, you wouldnt know whats needed more then a listening and caring person who can tell you about your true options now and later.

But feminists want to discourage women from taking that route. I guess they only want choice that they agree with.

Women are too stupid to make their own decisions. Feminists have to decide what's true for them.