Friday, May 22, 2009

SoCon or Bust: The Problem with Frank Klees #roft #pcpo

John Pacheco quotes REAL Women:

Mr. Klees openly admits that he is pro-life and a Christian. However, he states that he will only support pro-life initiatives if he has the support of the PC caucus. Unfortunately, this is not likely to occur.


Mr. Hillier is not pro-life, however, he would, if PC party leader:

 Defund abortion;

 Abolish Ontario’s Human Rights Commission; and

 Enact freedom of association and conscience legislation which would protect medical workers and marriage commissioners from participating in procedures that violate their conscience or conflict with their moral views.

Great. But why would Randy Hillier be any more able than Frank Klees to get the caucus to move on pro-life issues?

The PC's may prove themselves once again that they're useless when it comes to the right to life.

The Family Coalition Party is the only party worth supporting.

And by the way, John says:

Mr. Klees was also a little too comfortable in supporting John Tory’s leadership in the past.

I received this from my inbox right after I made my final edit:

Elliott and Klees wrong on human rights

Christine Elliott and Frank Klees, who are also seeking the leadership of the PCPO, have both stated that they are against dismantling Ontario’s HRC, preferring instead to “reform” the discredited agency. Both cite the prohibitive expense of the justice system as the reason why a commission is needed, arguing that people who have legitimate grievances are unable to rely on the courts to protect their rights because it’s too expensive. They also insinuate, none too subtly, that shutting down the HRC would be akin to abandoning the disadvantaged of our society.

This latter assertion is unwise. It’s bad enough when Liberals equate a common-sense conservative policy like “one law for everyone – one justice system for all” with indifference to the suffering of others, but when they (Liberals) can rely on conservatives to level the accusation at their fellow conservatives…well, you get the picture.

Ironically, the high cost of bringing a case to court today does make the justice system inaccessible to the average citizen as Elliott and Klees claim. That’s an argument for fixing the justice system though. It’s not an argument for retaining a badly broken government agency like the HRC, especially when the sole purpose for its retention would be to by-pass the badly broken justice system.


Conservatives don’t win in Ontario by appealing to left-of-centre voters who vote Liberal or NDP, they win by appealing to conservative voters who either don’t vote on election day, or who hold their nose and vote Liberal, because they don’t want an NDP government and there’s no sensible conservative alternative to support.

As Randy Hillier wrote in the National Post recently, the people of Ontario deserve a clear choice between a Liberal Party that’s liberal in name only, and a genuinely conservative party that is courageous enough to stand by and defend it’s principles in the public square, and that is prepared to deliver a legislative and policy agenda that reflects those principles once elected.