Monday, June 15, 2009

Canadian Cynic Identity Revealed

Girl on the Right has the details.

He is Robert PJ Day. Small business owner. Computer genius. Well-read book nerd. Anti-creationist debater. Canadian Cynic.

No Libs has details on where he works.

To the right: a photo of Rob Day.

For those who you who are not in the know, Canadian Cynic is a blogger who for the past several years has anonymously blogged at (NSFW)

He has a horrible reputation on the blogosphere for insulting and demeaning right-wing bloggers using foul language and adolescent mockery.

He thinks it's just dandy to call conservative women "c*nts".

I don't say this very often about people but he is a mean, vile human being with no sense of respect or honour.

Let this be a lesson to people who think that they can continually demean and humiliate anyone behind the shield of anonymity on the internet.

The lowest tactic was when Cynic revealed information about Richard Evans' kids and where they went to school, exposing them to possible danger. That was the lowest of the low. Richard Evans should sue you for calling him a NAMBLA devotee.

What comes around goes around.

I wonder if this will have any effect on his blogging style. After all, now that he can't hide behind his blog like a coward, he'll have to own up to his words in public. And now his reputation will follow him. And everyone can now know what a horrible human being he has been to conservative bloggers.

Oh and, just so you know, he encourages his clients to google his name "Robert P.J. Day" and "linux".