Monday, June 01, 2009

Freedom and tolerance are only for the politically correct

SoCon or Bust:

Despite the fact that the pro-life movement has overwhelmingly condemned Tiller’s murder which only helps embolden the enemies of the unborn, pro-abortion forces will soon seek to use it for their maximum advantage.

Laws were once applied against individuals who broke the law and natural justice. Now the law is going to be perverted as an excuse to strip away a whole community’s natural right to express their views in a peaceful and democratic way.

No condemnation of this act will really help us.

No appeal to the principle of peaceful resistance and freedom of expression will suffice.

No presentation of the evidence of violence against peaceful pro-life witnesses will help our opponents gain any sort of balance.

They want a totalitarian state and they will use the actions of a deranged and disturbed man - who has no association with the pro-life movement - to smear a whole constituency with this murder.

I've been called a murderer and a terrorist. And at least one commenter has called for my imprisonment.

I do not advocate murder. I do not advocate terrorism. I condemn both.

But I am called a murderer and a terrorist in a bid to silence me. Just like Alice in Wonderland, words are not used according to their actual definitions, but are redefined to mean something entirely different by the speakers, while still retaining their inflammatory emotional resonance.

I believe that this method of operation will, eventually, backfire.

Why? Because when people investigate what I am about, they will see that this labeling is inaccurate (to be generous) and will dismiss leftist criticism as non-credible.

In many segments of the population there is a revolt against political correctness precisely because people do not like campaigns that tell others what to think.

Labelling pro-lifers "terrorists" and "murderers" is just one such campaign. In the past, dissenters of leftist orthodoxy have been labelled misogynists, racists, and homophobes even if it is obvious that the target in question does not have a hateful bone in their body. The mere suggestion of opposing left-wing orthodoxy merits that they be branded a hater, regardless of their intentions or their actual state of heart.

It's a dangerous tactic, because it silences opponents through libel, not through the soundness of their arguments.

Instead of justifying how a pro-lifer from Canada was an enabler in this lone nutter's assassination of an abortionist, the left blindly smears all pro-lifers as terrorists, even if they do not commit or support acts of violence. The emotionally-charged label is intended to get people to by-pass what the pro-lifer has to say, and communicate that pro-life ideas do not merit consideration. Of course, the logic is faulty to anyone with a shred of critical thinking. But that leap to conclusions has worked in the past, in an age when the left dominated the media. But I don't think that this will hold up much longer.

I know that some people reading this may not agree with me on my views on fetal rights.

But this method of operation should be opposed. Because it's not an intellectually honest, merit-based method, but a power-based one. As long as there are enough people to repeat the lie, it will gain credence, and anonymous commenters will never be called to justify their smear.

Nevertheless, I will not be deterred. Many people look to this blog for information and insight into important issues related to the fetal rights cause, and I will continue to provide whatever facts, arguments and strategies that will be useful to the debate on fetal rights, and the pro-life movement in general.

Labelling me cannot suppress the information nor silence the arguments. My blog will continue to be a resource to individuals seeking the truth.