Friday, June 26, 2009

High court clarifies rights of minors to make medical decisions

OTTAWA - A young Jehovah's Witness who challenged a Manitoba law that forced a blood transfusion on her won a partial victory and hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs at the Supreme Court of Canada on Friday.

The court ruled that the law in question is constitutional, but said in cases of a dispute about medical treatment, judges must offer children under 16 a chance to demonstrate their competence to make medical choices.

But if has to do with questions asked! If you're an immature 14-year-old who slept around and got pregnant and wants to sneak behind mom's back to get an abortion, well that's A-OK and the feminists will go to bat for you to make your own decisions, no matter how incompetent you are. As far as feminists are concerned, if you're old enough to have sex, you're old enough to have an abortion even when you're not.

Feminists will never allow any challenge to complete, unimpeded access to abortion, even if it means irrational fourteen-year-olds don't have to tip off their parents of their stupid behaviour and late-term fetuses have to die.

So long as it is perceived as a threat to their personal right to abortion everyone and everything else can go to hell. If some fourteen-year-old later comes to regret the abortion because she didn't know a fetus was killed, or some woman goes into the procedure blindly and learns it caused her irreparable harm, or some victim of pedophilia has to continue to be subject to an unreported attacker well tough luck!.

Almost every other right in this world is subject to some sort of limitation.

Not the right their precious right to abortion, though. That's special. Some rights are more equal than others, it seems. A fetus has to die for their political agenda, but Goddess forbid the state or a physician's college place any restrictions for the good of women. Because the only infallible judge of women's interests are feminists and the women themselves (as long as they don't threaten the right to abortion). Because women are never wrong. Women never need anyone to help them clarify their choices, give them information about fetal development, or in the case of minors, have parents make rational decisions for them.

I'm sure a lot of people think this. But don't have the guts to say it. Because the feminist lobby is strong in Canada. And people do not want to be seen as politically incorrect, especially on such an explosive subject.

It's about time people stood up to feminists.