Monday, June 22, 2009

Jill Stanek: A Politically Incorrect Abortion

But the bottom line is the baby wasn't killed this weekend. A photo of his preborn murder was merely used to stimulate opposition against the current [Iranian] regime. (Think about that.)

I could go a couple different directions with this post but want to focus on the fact that this was simply a politically incorrect abortion. Had the mother, (who it was reported did not die) wanted her 8-month-old preborn son killed in America, so it would have been. (And then his photos wouldn't have been politically correct.)

In my last post on the subject, the supporters of legal abortion all wondered about the mother (and of course we should wonder about her.)

But they wouldn't comment on the baby.

I see the umbilical cord is still attached. In Canada, if that baby had been shot at that moment, it would not have been a murder. The baby cannot breathe with the umbilical cord, and without breath, you cannot fulfill the legal criterion for personhood in Canada.

It goes to show the incredible legalism that goes into support for legal abortion.