Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My latest from No Apologies

George Tiller’s Murder vs. Web 2.0

In ages past, all feminists had to do to gain acceptance for abortion was to talk about it uniquely from the woman’s side of the story and shut out any talk of the unborn. But this time around, teary-eyed stories from women who claimed to have “needed” an abortion from George Tiller to “treat” a fetal deformity will not undermine the pro-life political momentum. No matter how many hard cases feminists bring to the fore, the fact is that the pro-life movement has succeeded in searing in the brain of average Americans that abortion kills babies and that abortion is wrong, especially in the third trimester. When Bill O’Reilly called Tiller “the baby killer”, most people agreed. When feminists condemn him, by extension they condemn Middle America.