Friday, June 12, 2009

VIDEO: 'Everyday normal Republicans' by Steven Crowder

Some other cliches about conservative women:

They are all brainless and uneducated. They all want to bag a man and get their meal ticket; if they don't get a man, they feel like they're worthless and that their life has no meaning.

The only thing they care about and are able to do is parenting.

They all wear make-up, get their hair done,wear high heels while doing housework and look to June Cleaver as their model.

They have no interests or ambitions outside of parenting or popular culture. They're certainly not intellectual. The rich ones all have nannies and get to "do lunch". The poor ones must define their lives by housework.

They are robots who do exactly what their husbands tell them to do. If they do anything political or controversial, it is always at the prompting of their husbands. They are completely incapable of any independent thought or action whatsoever.

They have a lot of repressed anger about their submissive role. They would really rather be on the job market working up their careers and making a name for themselves, but they feel "stuck" at home inside four walls, their brains turning to mush from listening to their toddlers all day. If they had a choice, they would ditch their religion and marriage in a minute. The only reason they don't is because they are secretly insecure and wouldn't know how to cope. They live vicariously through their families and lack any ambition or fortitude of their own.

These stereotypes, by the way, are typically spread by feminists and other "progressives".