Thursday, July 23, 2009

But women don't just decide to have a late-term abortion because they don't feel like parenting any they?

The one that shocked me most was the woman who came into the office saying that she was pregnant of 22 weeks and she wanted and abortion. The thing is that until one week ago she wanted to keep the baby, which is a little girl. However, lately she moved back into her mom´s house and she suddenly decided that she did not want to keep the baby anymore. In fact, the main reason was financial aid.

We tried to counsel here in many ways and told her that there is an office in Manhattan where they can help her with financial problems or clothing.... She suddenly left the office without saying nothing and later on her cousin came asking for our phone number just in case she could change her mind.

If there's one thing I've learned about that if you can imagine the scenario-- far-fetched as it may sound-- someone's probably lived it.

I shouldn't be shocked. But I am.

I'm wondering if I'll ever see the case of the woman who wanted a late-term abortion so that she could fit into a bikini. It's supposed to be some kind of urban legend.