Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canadian Abortion Clinic Director Pleads for Late-Term Abortions

Jill Doctoroff Director, Elizabeth Bagshaw Women's Clinic, Vancouver:

We don’t know about people like my sister and her husband who, after trying to conceive for two years, got lucky on their first try with in-vitro fertilization only to have her “water break” at 17 weeks. After weeks of almost no amniotic fluid, which is required for lung development, the prognosis for my sister’s pregnancy was dire. While in the end she decided to continue her pregnancy, which resulted in a premature baby boy dying on the day he was born due to under-developed lungs, she needed the option of and access to a later abortion in order to make a fully informed choice.

She needed access to abortion to make a choice or to execute that choice.

This lady would have aborted her own nephew!

This abortion clinic director is vehiculing the notion that some lives are not worthy. That some lives are not worth living; that some people would be better off dead.

Because we don’t understand the complexity involved we feel better able to be judgmental

Complexity is everything in the left-wing moral universe. Nothing is ever black and white-- except for legal abortion on demand. That's dogma. Funny how that works.

I would like to leave you with the response to later abortions that makes the most sense to me and happens to be Dr. Tiller’s motto: “Trust women.”

Because women are infallible beings who never make any wrong or immoral decisions. Men do. But not women.