Monday, July 13, 2009

UPDATED-- A little disappointed in the Pope's meeting with Stephen Harper

Canadian blogger and journalist Deborah Gyapong was present at the meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. She confirms that there was no talk of right to life issues.

Seeing as Canada has no protection for the unborn, and that Prime Minister Harper has said he will not allow pro-life legislation to come to the floor, that should have been a topic of discussion.

UPDATE July 13th***

From Lifesite News

Pope Addresses PM Stephen Harper on Life, Marriage, and Family

According to the Vatican communiqué issued after the meeting, "With regard to Canada, the conversation involved ethical values, the defense and promotion of life, marriage and family."

Harper, who called the meeting an "honor," did not explicitly mention life or family issues in his statement after the audience. According to Harper, the twenty-minute conversation addressed "a number of important issues, including human rights and an ethical response to the global economic crisis."