Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Amnesty International Rep Won't Answer a Question About Torture

In a telephone interview with LifeSiteNews, Gilmore stood by the claims in her report, and affirmed that she regards the Nicaraguan law a form of "torture" against women.

Asked if it is torture to pull an infant's head off of its body, and its arms and legs out of its sockets, which happens during a standard aspiration abortion, Gilmore refused to answer the question.

Look, either you believe a fetus is a human being or you don't. If you don't think he's a human being, if you don't think abortion is a form of torture, then say so.

What this is about is legalizing abortion on demand. It's not about saving women because they have pre-eclampsia. Be clear about that, too.

Amnesty International doesn't believe in the human rights of unborn children.