Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He's disabled, he wants to die, who cares: let him

Not Dead Yet on the Christian Rossiter case:

No one cares about why an old, ill or disabled person wants to die. Might be too much bother and expense to find out what they really want or need.

From a pro-euthanasia blog:

I have not yet seen ONE PERSON question his treatment, question the way we as a society have failed him – NOT in our lack of provision of a way to quickly bow out, but in our COMPLETE failure to support him in finding out whether maybe, just maybe his life could be worth living.


I think maybe we've framed this the wrong way, as pro-lifers.

People want the "right to die".

In reality, they already have it. If someone wants to do himself in, how can we stop him?

What this is about is the medical system's right to kill.

The medical system should not have the right to kill.

That is my objection to the euthanasia debate.