Monday, August 17, 2009

J-Ly whines to the lawyers: rescue me!

Jennifer Lynch, head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission since 2007, told the Canadian Bar Association's annual meeting that opponents of rights bodies have successfully created a "chill" that makes it difficult for anyone to defend those bodies without also becoming a target.

Translation: "Help, they won't stop the attacks! Mwha ha ha, I'm dying here! Puh-leeez tell the bad people to stoooooop."

The speech reeks of desperation.

I don't deliberately try to be mean to people, and I'm not keen on exposing people like Jennifer Lynch to contempt, but the truth of the matter is, if you run an outfit that denies people their God-given right to speak their minds in the name of a state-supported ideology, they will be upset.

There are still lots of people out there who cherish their right to think and say what they like. It's called freedom.

It's not a question of racism. It's a question of being able to think out loud, debate out loud, criticize out loud, and invite discussion of the facts and realities without being stifled by a state agency looking over your shoulder to see if you pass ideological muster.

Sometimes facts and realities are inconvenient to ideologies. They can be *construed* as racist when they're not. They can be called racist for ulterior motives-- such as shutting up people who may have a point.

Perhaps these lawyers will not come to the aid of the HRC precisely because it's a government AGENCY, not a court. The place is run by a bureaucrats. You know, those people with a reputation for being lazy and politically expedient.

The whole system is corrupt. If there's a crime to be prosecuted, let the courts do it. At least that system's fair. If it's inaccessible, then make it accessible-- don't invent a whole separate court system JUST to serve the "vulnerable". Oppressing the elites is just as unfair as oppressing the vulnerable. Remember communism?

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