Monday, August 10, 2009

Trust Women on Abortion...No Matter What?

JivinJ brings up an interesting issue related to that famous Esquire article about Dr. Warren Hern and that famous feminist slogan on abortion:

Trust Women.

Dr. Hern reported that a rape victim came to him requesting an abortion at 35 weeks.

He said that he did not want to risk his medical license in order to perform that abortion.

But what if he lived in Canada, where there are no legal restrictions on abortion?

Should he have performed the abortion?

Should a rape victim have the right to have her thirty-five week-old fetus killed?

Like Brenda Drummond, the rape victim have might decided to stick a pellet gun in her vagina and kill her baby.

If the rape victim suffered injury or death in the process, wouldn't Warren Hern, and society in general, be at fault for not allowing her access to that abortion?

Isn't what "Trust Women" is all about: leaving the final decision ultimately to the mother, regardless of the consequences?

Things to make you go hmmm.....