Friday, August 28, 2009

Whistleblowers Come Forward with Accusations of Illegal, Unsafe Conditions at Carhart's Abortion Clinic

Manifesting a disturbing pattern in the management of abortion clinics.

One former employee told of incidents where Carhart falsified the gestational age of viable babies in order to circumvent the law. This account matches information uncovered by Operation Rescue during an undercover investigation at the now-closed Women's Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas, where Carhart once worked. The worker caught falsifying gestational ages in Kansas now works for Carhart at his Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion clinic.


The women have given sworn statements about illegal and unsafe activity at Carhart's abortion clinic, which will be turned over to the Attorney General's office and the Nebraska Department of Health, which is investigating Carhart. The women have agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

Here's what I wonder:

How come this never happens in Canada? Why don't former employee of abortion clinics come forward to denounce conditions?

Are the clinics all that sterile and well-run?

Could be. Could be they run a tighter ship in Canada.

But we wouldn't know, would we? Because as far as I know, no one investigates this.

Millions of Canadian women have had abortions in Canada, and no one has complained about conditions?

I wonder.