Wednesday, September 30, 2009

40 Days for Life...Why we are there

I was poking around the blogs, when I came upon this poor-choice blogpost that begins by focusing on the story of a lone vigiller at Warren Hern's abortion clinic in Boulder, Colorado.

The columnist denounces 40 Days for Life as some kind of potentially violent effort.

Then I came upon this blogpost from the blog of 40 Days for Life in Boulder (Although it did not necessarily occur there!). A man was very frustrated because his unborn child was killed, in spite of his wishes.

Three of us sat down beside him -- all men -- and cried with him. Eventually, he began to talk. He was probably in his very early twenties. He told us that his girlfriend did not want to keep the child because she feared they would not be able to provide for him. He asked her how she could destroy a life based on a hunch. He told her this child had a heartbeat and a soul and deserved to live. He even tried to convince her to, at the very least, put the child up for adoption. I was struck by the fact that this young man knew all this simply because his heart told him it was true. He was wise well beyond his years and he was hurting terribly. I was struck by the clear reality that fathers have so little to do with whether their own children live or die. I also couldn't help but notice that despite the high volume of Planned Parenthood volunteers around, none of them approached him.

They're there to protect a women's "choice" to go have an abortion.

Everyone else can go to hell.

Now, some might feel really bad about his feelings.

But would anyone really validate his experience if they didn't believe that the fetus being killed was an equal human being with a right to life?

So there you are folks. The jaundiced feminist perception, and the reality of 40 Days for Life.