Thursday, September 24, 2009

About time someone said it: Women are responsible beings (or should be!)

Pursuing Holiness has a post about women who get drunk, have sex, and then accuse their sex partners of rape. But the sentiment is just as applicable to the abortion issue.

We’ve come to this weird place in our history where women become babies instead of have them. It’s all about choices – but not about consequences. Rights, but not responsibilities.


The abortion lobby infantilizes women because they say women need abortion-- they're desperate, they can't help themselves. They're too weak, too immature, etc.

They make abortion sound like a "smart" choice. But in reality, it's a choice that helps women (and men!) escape responsibility.

The abortion lobby says that if a woman doesn't have access to legal abortion, she will have recourse to lethal methods (as if abortion doesn't kill, but whatever).

But let's face reality: should society have to cater to women's stupid choices? I don't care if they are out of desperation and that that's what the woman saw as her only way out. It's still stupid. Sticking a coathanger up your crotch is not a brilliant choice. Drinking Drano isn't either.

If you don't want to die of an illegal abortion then don't have one!

The unborn child, of course, is a non-issue. His welfare is of no consequence. It can't be. It would get in the way of making people accountable for his existence and living up to their responsibilities.

If women were responsible for their unborn children, that would be unfair to the woman.

Never mind that abortion is unfair to the unborn child.

And as for drunkenness:

But will declaring that the world has got to know that drunk people don’t deserve to be murdered do anything to keep them safe? It’s an invitation. If I were a criminal, I’d be looking for you, drunk co-ed.

And in the same way, declaring that it's unfair to carry an unplanned pregnancy is an invitation. If I were some slimeball out to catch me some tail, I'd go looking for this type of woman, too.

No one deserves to be murdered or raped. But that fact does not overcome the reality that people are murdered and raped every day, and that criminals normally choose victims who are easy marks. It is unkind to tell that to a crime victim after the fact. But it is cruel not to teach it to young women before the fact.

It is cruel not to teach that abortion kills an unborn child and that they should live up to their responsibilities.

How about this declaration? Young women have got to know that when you get fall down drunk, you may make stupid choices for which you should still be held responsible, just as a drunk driver would rightly be held responsible for events occurring after he chose to get drunk and do stupid, dangerous things.

You want freedom, choice, and rights? Then earn it by taking responsibility for yourselves.

h/t: Wintry Knight