Friday, September 25, 2009

Actual common sense from a feminist

Feminists can't be wrong all of the time.

It seems that some environmentalists want to make population control a means of fighting climate change. Some feminists are uncomfortable with that.

Ann of Feministing writes:

As Claire, guest-blogging at Feministe recently, asked, "Has science ever actually defined the number of people the world and it's resources can support, or is this fear of a "population bomb" about something else, more to do with which babies are being born than how many are being born?" (Emphasis mine.) Which is why I reject the "population control" frame altogether.

Under Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, the US had a policy of promoting population control in the Third World to preserve its superpower status.

The overpopulation argument is a fraud. It's about not wanting the poor, uneducated "burdensome" people of the world to not have children.

It's about killing babies so that we can keep our standard of living. When India, China and other developing countries have "too many" children, they put Western wealth and status at risk.

Well Western Civilization, it's your own damned fault. People who love children and have them will succeed those civilizations that don't. It's a basic fact.