Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another face of embryo adoption

In this age of IVF, many couples who resort to that procedure wonder what to do with the embryos who are not transferred into the mother's womb.

Donating these embryos for adoption is one possibility:

These adoptions can range from completely confidential to fully disclosed, meaning the biological parents are able to keep in touch with the adoptive family. Some sites allow you to choose the parents. Others let you specify your requirements, religion, size of family, et cetera.

Wouldn't open adoption be weird, though? You were created by one couple-- your biological sibling got chosen, but you were a reject...

And consider this: You're an adopting couple. You want to know the "quality" of the product you're getting.

So you look over the sibling who was implanted and made it to term.

It's somewhat dehumanizing to accept a child only on the basis of whether or not he is genetically acceptable.