Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Cherie Blair Demands Catholic Church Rescind Contraception Ban. Faithful Catholics tell her where to get off

LONDON, September 1, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Catholic Church's prohibition of artificial contraception is holding back the ambitions of career women, Cherie Blair, the self-declared "good Catholic" wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, told an audience at Edinburgh International Book Festival this week.

That paragraph is so laughable.

What faithful Catholic women are complaining about the contraception ban because they feel their careers are jeopardized?

I've never heard of any.

Faithful Catholics are Catholics first-- career women second (if at all!). Faithful Catholic Women adhere to the Magisterium because the teaching against contraception is revealed by God.

Somebody omitted to tell her that.

But since very few priests and bishops actual teach that, it is a little understandable that she does not get it.

Faithful Catholics have a prophetic role to play in the Church: the role of reminding priests and bishops what the Magisterium actually teaches, and of reminding them to live up to their pastoral duties and teach the faith.

Not too long ago, the Church celebrated the Gospel passage dealing with difficult teachings. The disciple of Jesus is challenged: follow the one with the Word of Life, or abandon him for one own's beliefs.

If you follow Jesus, and by extension, his Church, it's because you believe that his Words are spirit and life.

But in order for people to follow Jesus, they need to know those words of Spirit and Life.

When bishops and priests fail to impart the teaching on contraception, in a spiritual sense, they deprive food from the children.

The contraceptive mentality results in a host of social ills, divorce, re-marriage, abortion, pre-martial sex, promiscuity, and so forth.

When the clergy fail to teach about openness to life, and the sanctity of life, they passively allow these behaviours to continue.

Cheri Blair is educated. Cheri Blair should get it.

But she's doesn't.

Because the clergy aren't getting it. Or preaching it.

Clergy: get with the program. Your silence will lead to only more of the same.