Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dammit Janet: the mud-slinging continues

It seems that the mud-slinging duo at Dammit Janet continue to engage in rash judgement, all the while denouncing pro-life "propaganda". They're pretty tone deft on the irony.

It seems that they object to my likening Jim Pouillon's death to abortion because he could not run away.

Right. So an adult man in a wheelchair is said to be like a fetus because of his disability.

What a far-fetched idea! Two human beings of different ages who are like each other because in a life-threatening situation, they can't escape. Hoo, takes a lot of mental energy to process that one.

The Fetus©™ fetishists. It's always about The Fetus©™ and only The Fetus©™ -

Does anyone else see the irony here, this coming from feminists-- for them it's: the woman, and ONLY the woman, and if another human being has to die because of feminists ideology, oh well. As Joyce Arthur says "fetuses are not that important."

Let's all remember what fern hill and Dbo are advocating here:

Being able to choose this is tantamount to woman's power. In their minds, if she cannot choose this, she cannot be free.

What a sad, irresponsible belief.

The Fetus©™ - because even an adult can be profitably re-purposed, martyrized, foetishized and canonized.

They insinuate that because I said it would be profitable to investigate the possibility that he could be canonized.

Profitable as in-- spiritually profitable.

But hey, they have no problem making up lies in their rash judgement of others, and then accusing others of lying.

What you project on others says a whole lot about you.

And by the way, I'm sure Jim Pouillon would be thrilled at the prospect of his canonization for having been martyred for the pro-life cause. But I guess that just doesn't occur to them that that is what he would have wanted. THEY manipulate Jim Pouillon for their ideology, then turn around accuse ME of doing the same, when chances are Jim Pouillon would have been happy to have had someone suggest he might be eligible for sainthood.

Jim Pouillon was not "matyrized". He is a martyr. Because some people cannot stand others telling the truth.

See, the mud-flinging duo at Dammit Janet want to make this about me, not abortion.

They don't want to talk about abortion. Abortion is gross. Abortion is no dig deal for them. The actual act is just so banal. Who cares if a fetus dies, right? It's just an unwanted human being inside a woman's body. The woman has no responsibility toward that other life if she doesn't want it.

They never address the issues. It's all about SHRIEEEKING and zygote zealots, foetus fetishists, lying liars lying their lies and other adolescent cliches.

They're fifty-year-old women acting like they're seventeen and they think it's oh-so-clever.

If fern hill and Dbo were doing this in a school yard, it would be the equivalent of bullying, i.e. spreading false gossip about others. But that doesn't stop them sleeping at night.

And one last thing. Fern hill says:

BTW, it's been pretty tumble-weedy over there lately. Since SHE turned moderation on and turned the joint into an echo chamber, a lot of people -- like moi -- have quit commenting.

Yeah, so much less mud-flinging there. I guess certain posters are incapable of having a calm discussion about the actual issues, instead of engaging in yellow blogging. And again, the echo chamber thing is untrue, but they don't really about the truth right? As long as it smears their opponents, being the lying liars lying their lies is fine with them.