Friday, September 11, 2009

Feminists are a fringe group--A correction for Antonia Zerbisias

I'm thinking of making T-shirts: "Proud to be a member of that `left-wing fringe group' called `Women.' feminists"

Thank you for finally admitting that your government shut down the Court Challenges program in 2006 not just because, as then-Heritage Minister Bev Oda claim- ed in Parliament, you "recognize the importance of women" but because you believe that that women's feminist rights are "left-wing fringe" rights.

That's better.

It's time that feminists stop conflating their ideology with the word "women".

Finally, thank you for revealing your nasty, petty and vindictive side, the one that you batten down when you know the cameras are on you.

But feminists are never nasty, petty or vindictive evuh.

Because it's okay when they do it.