Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Catholic Crowd-Pleasers

The Heresy Hunter:

VI. What Fr. Rosica really means by the phrase “civility, charity, mercy and politeness” is a kind of pantywaist political correctness, void of testicular fortitude, that is so afraid to identify and call out blatant evil in the public square. Why? Because he wants to be held in respect, to be loved by his peers, he wants to be everything for everyone. He does not want to be labelled as “one of them”, as one of those “religious fanatics”. For you see Fr. Rosica has become quite the celebrity in recent years. He is head honcho at Canada’s Salt + Life television network, a copycat version of EWTN, started by the excellent Mother Angelica. But excellent Salt + Light is not, and this is best explained because Fr. Rosica is on it alot. Salt + Light broadcasts a wishy–washy, easy–listening, borderline–dwelling Catholicism. But make no mistake: enemies of the Catholic Church have been positively portrayed on this network. One example would be David Suzuki, a fanatical environmentalist, nature worshipper and known rabid anti–Catholic.[4]

What's next? Will the Church have public, laudatory funerals for Mafia figures, now? After all, they are sometimes very generous with their ill-gotten gains. Doesn't that count?

Isn't this like the left, which says "hey, Hamas does a lot of good for the Palestinians", blatantly overlooking all the terrorism they commit and abet?

There's a very good reason why Ted Kennedy was allowed to be eulogized: because support for legal abortion is politically correct, and unborn children are lesser victims than those killed by terrorism or the Mafia or any other kind of killing.

I'm in favour of dialogue and restraining one's words when necessary.

But sometimes, being nicey-nicey is just being a useful idiot.