Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The reality about the rhetoric on violence

Killing of abortion foe should change how sides are viewed

So what do these people say now that we have a self-confessed hater of anti-abortion advocates allegedly killing Pouillon and one other man while searching for a third when apprehended? Do they finally concede it’s possible to find fringe-group and lone-wolf nutcases on all sides of virtually every issue?

Legitimately enough, they can point out that there have been more violent incidents at the hands of those on the anti-abortion side. But the numbers are still small and that doesn’t let them off the hook for suggesting you can sum up a totality by reference to a minute fraction of it.

Jim Pouillon was not a violent man. Jim Pouillon sat peacefully presenting his message on a street corner. He was like the vast majority of pro-lifers.

But feminists willfully ignore the majority to focus on those who commit violent acts to tar the whole movement and score cheap rhetorical points.