Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's the matter with fetal models?

The fact is, they're effective.

It’s hard to argue that abortion simply destroys a blob of tissue, when you see an image of a being with eyes staring back at you. It’s difficult to claim that the fetus is a non-person, when a model of that entity looks a great deal like yourself at a younger and more innocent age.

That's why the now standard response from feminists is that these fetuses are depicted apart from the mother.

The feminists want the woman to not be forgotten because they think that if the woman is out of the picture, people will support fetal rights. But if the woman is in the picture, they will choose to support legal abortion.

I don't think that follows. I think most people will support the rights of the unborn even if the woman is in the picture.

My dream is to answer the criticism by developing some kind of model whereby the fetus and the mother are depicted in the most life-like fashion possible. It would be pretty difficult since the size of the fetus during the first trimester abortion ranges between the size of a grape and the size of a kiwi. If I were some kind of artist, I'd love to tackle that project.