Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Frederic Mitterrand, the French Minister of Culture, Confesses to Pedophilia

When I read Richard Martineau's column on this topic this morning, I was floored.

Frederic Mitterand has been defending Roman Polanski. Richard Martineau has revealed that in his memoir,La mauvaise vie, he had practically bragged of having sex with underaged prostitutes. Check out this excerpt (which I translated):

"I paid for boys. Evidently, I had read what had been written about the traffic of boys here. The surrounding misery, the drugs that wreaked havoc, the diseases. But, this did not stop me from returning. All those ritual encounters with young men, the slave markets, excited me enormously.

"We could say that such a spectacle is abominable from a moral point of view, but it pleased me beyond reason. The profusion of attractive young boys who are immediately available puts me in a state of desire and I do not need to restrain or hide myself.

"Money and sex: I am in the heart of my system; the one that works. Because I know that no one will refuse me."

The man went on a book tour, admitting all this, and HE WAS STILL NAMED MINISTER OF CULTURE.

How is this possible?

And by the way, he got in the news for defending Roman Polanski. Surprise, surprise.

I'm reading some of the French book reviews and...there's no outrage, no disgust at the fact that he exploited poor boys in Thailand.

I'm so disgusted.

It was on the news last night in France: