Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ottawa Archbishop Objects to "Business as Usual" with Development and Peace

God Bless Archbishops Prendergast and Collins!

Nevertheless, Archbishop Prendergast said that the bishops of Ontario were very concerned with the situation. He referred to a letter circulated to bishops from D&P, saying that he felt that here the bishops were being asked to continue with "business as usual" with D&P. The Ottawa Archbishop added: "I'm not sure we can accept that."

Again Archbishop Weisgerber interjected to note that they were only to be discussing the current report presented by Bishop Grecco.

Archbishop Collins acknowledged that the bishops would be having a "lengthy discussion" about the matter later in the week, but noted that there were problems with the report as presented. He noted that the report had misrepresented or misunderstood the criticisms of D&P.

The Archbishop referenced the top of page six of the report as problematic, which says that D&P was accused of "financing and promoting abortion programs and advocacy."

Archbishop Collins pointed out that D&P was "not accused of that." He thus suggested reviewing the text of the report. "It is important," he said, "to be accurate." He continued: "When one is criticized it is important to either admit when the criticism is just or prove that it's not." He concluded, "It's important to I think listen to what the criticism is."

Finally! Some back bone in this Church! Woohoo! This has help restore my faith in the episcopacy.

I hope this leads to real change. I'm still a little cynical about that, though.

I wonder what supporters of D & P had to say. I'd be really curious to know their views. Maybe they're saving their views for the closed-door session.

Will we finally have an honest conversation in this Church? Will people spell out what they think and what they mean, instead of skirting around the issues?