Monday, October 19, 2009

Somebody has to be pro-abortion

Creative Minority Report:

The funny thing is that pro-aborts get mad when you call them pro-aborts. They demand to be called pro-choice. They say nobody's pro-abortion. Really? Even the quite profitable abortion industry? That's like saying McDonald's is actually against people eating fatty foods, they just firmly believe in giving people the choice to eat fatty foods.

Could you imagine a Mcdonald's spokesperson saying, "While we agree that eating a Big Mac or one of our tasty McRibs is always regrettable decision we must insist that Big Macs should be safe, legal and rare."

That would be rather absurd, wouldn't it? Well, it's just as absurd when the pro-aborts say it too.

Yes, I know feminists and their enablers defend an ideology of "choice".

But "choice" is not what's at issue.

It's abortion.

Choose anything you like. As long it doesn't kill somebody.

Why is it that people run from being labelled "pro-abortion". It mystifies me. Can't people be both pro-choice and pro-abortion?

Another interpretation people put on the label "pro-abortion" is that it sounds like they're mandating people having an abortion.

I never bought that.

I'm pro-a-lot-of-things. Name a healing surgery-- I'm for it! I wouldn't mind being called "pro-tonsilectomy". Does it automatically imply that I think it's the solution for everyone, or that people should have that surgery.

Of course not.

Even people who do abortions or are somehow involved in the access to abortions don't like being "pro-abortion".

I just find that when it comes to the pro-abortion side of the discussion, the rules of logic and the English language seem to be thrust out the window.

I think the truth is that even people who support legal abortion are a little bit ashamed of it. That's why they bristle at being called "pro-abortion".

Yet, in Canada, there are about 100 000 abortions every year.

Somebody is pro-abortion in this country. Let's just admit it.