Thursday, October 22, 2009

Surprise! Abortionist confesses to!

Wow, who wudda thunk?

Anti-anti confesses:

I am pro-choice. But I am not very good at it.


Example: Young Woman gets pregnant. She’s not terribly young (19? 20?), is physically able to safely carry a pregnancy to term, and is emotionally secure enough to decide whether or not to become a mother. Let’s say Young Woman is in her second or third year of college. She is doing well, has high hopes of becoming the first in her family to achieve a post-secondary degree, but ***-it-all, she ends up pregnant. And she’s keeping it.

My response: ???

Now, I do believe that Young Woman is perfectly capable of raising children, and even of doing so on her own. Hell, my mom’s a single mom too. And I do believe that with financial and emotional support from Young Woman’s family, which she very well may have, her baby can certainly grow up in a loving environment. Why then, does it drive me nuts for a woman to end her education, or at least postpone it, because of a pregnancy? I’ve personally seen enough Young Women leave school never to return. I’ve spoken to hundreds of Young Women who want nothing more than to finish school, but can’t because they have no way to pay for abortions. They break down in tears. I have such a hard time correlating young motherhood with success and independence. Can Young Women have both? If they can, why are so many unable to achieve them? Whenever I see this happen, I can’t help but lose my pro-choice bearings and think to myself “why couldn’t you have had an abortion?” This is terrible! Who am I to question a woman’s personal choice? An anti?!

But it has nothing to do with her stock and trade. She has no financial vested interest in abortion whatsoever!

She concludes:

I have many experiences to experience, and many parts of my mind to open up. So I appreciate the input and wisdom of my fellow Abortioneers who help me daily in this pursuit. Ready for action!

One reason that the "pro-choice" philosophy doesn't work: it assumes that all choices are equal.

They're not.

Even if abortion weren't an injustice, choices aren't all good. Some choices are dumb. Speaking strictly from an egocentric point of view, why would a woman have a baby if it undermines her success in life? After all, women aren't just "incubators", right? They have hopes and dreams, and if a baby gets in the way, well, they can just have another one down the road.

It's obvious that for a woman who wants to make a success of herself-- that is, achieve some worldly goal, abortion is the answer.

Why give that up to be an unsuccessful, nameless, lowly mother with no achievements?

I love The Abortioneers blog. You get everything uncensored. If you want the dirt about abortion, they offer it straight up.