Monday, November 09, 2009

Abortionist admits: I love abortion

Silky Laminaria confesses:

What do I mean when I say I love abortion? To me, there is absolutely nothing wrong or surprising with the supposed "controversial" statement. I love women, therefore I love abortion. Abortion is a part of women's lives.

But she doesn't love fetuses. They can suffer and die for all she cares. It's a zero-sum game, right? If you love women, you can't love fetuses. If you love fetuses, you can't love women. If you love women, you must support their "right" to have their fetuses ripped limb from limb. Because saying that women have a responsibility towards another human being inside of them is a profoundly hateful and misogynistic thing to say. Holding women up to the same moral standards as men is wrong, tragically, tragically wrong.

What a heartwarming thought.