Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Abortioneers Blog...Entertainment for Pro-Lifers

I cannot believe people really believe this. Says Abortioneer Anti-Anti:

I help women.

I help women who ask for abortion services. Who want them. Who believe that abortion is the key to their futures, their successes, their happiness.

And all of a sudden, I'm the bad guy.

Waah! I kill human beings for a living and I'm the bad guy!

But wait, it gets better:

Women are smart. I repeat: women are smart!

Um. Not quite. Some women are smart. Some women are stupid. Some women are generally wise until pitted into a whirlwind crisis situation where they make hormone-driven emotionally-based decisions that do not reflect reality.

Women know what they want, what they need. They pursue it ruthlessly. A woman who wants an abortion wants an abortion. Is this unclear?

Sure. All those women want abortions. Except all those women pushed by their boyfriends/parents/friends into having one. Is this a case of Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Can I help a woman by not respecting her desires?

Seriously? As if every single desire a woman has is naturally the right one? When did feminism turn into a cult of female infallibility (especially regarding abortion!)?

I understand now why the homeless and hungry become so enraged when do-gooders refuse to give them money, but offer sandwiches instead; it's not what they asked for, not what they want, not what would get them through the day! Do they care what I think is best for them? Do they care if what they want is completely contrary to what society tells them is good and wholesome? They don't! They might just really want that cigarette.

So if a homeless person wants to further shorten his existence by smoking another cigarette, well hell, it's our job to help them kill themselves.

And so, as Abortioneers, we help people. We help them all the time, and we improve lives. Whichever decisions women make, we help them by respecting those decisions.

Not matter how obviously wrong-headed or reluctantly made!

We respect who those women are, what they want, what they need, and from their own standpoints and not from our pie-in-the-sky pedestals in Abortionland.

Clearly. Stopping people from harming themselves and making stupid decisions is obviously pie in the sky.

I would never tell a woman who asked, begged me for help to access an abortion that she would be better off doing something else.

Imagine if every branch of medicine was run that way: "Doctor, I insist on having that gastric by-pass because I'm a woman and I know myself and this surgery will help me realize my hopes and dreams, and if you doubt my knowledge, my wisdom, my logic or my mental health, then you sir, are a misogynist!"

Here's a clue: What people want is not always right for them. You as a doctor have the responsibility of evaluating whether or not a procedure is good for a patient. Not the right, the responsibility. And if you have reason to believe that a given procedure is not the right one, then you have the duty to refuse to perform that surgery, and maybe even try to help the patient see the light.

Somehow, that's common sense in every other branch of medicine, except abortion. Because feminists perceive the refusal to perform a surgery as a form of paternalism, as if women are entitled to every single medical request they make, especially when it involves reproduction.

Funny, how the logic of "trust women" does not apply to "trust doctors" who have the education, experience and maybe even the wisdom of having performed such procedures to know when it is good, and when it is not.

Not that I'm saying abortion is ever good.

But a doctor cannot be blind to the consequences of the procedures he performs. He comes to know when it produces a good result, or a not so good result.

But most surgeons operate based on evidence, not on ideology.