Saturday, December 12, 2009

Being open to life means never having to say you're sorry

The Abortioneers. Always good for a blogpost.

I was talking to a woman the other day who was distraught that she was pregnant and that she was further along than she thought. She was scared, didn't have the money, and didn't know what to do about it. She said what she and her husband did was irresponsible. I've heard this before. Why is what she did irresponsible?

What is the goal, here?

If the goal was to have sterile, then of course she was irresponsible.

What a stupid thing to do. If you want to be sterile, you have to take the means to be sterile.

The poster, Revolutionary Vagina asks:

My point is, why do we have to demonize sex so much?

We don't demonize sex at all.

You can have all the sex you like in this society. In fact, you're encouraged to do so.

It's unplanned pregnancy that is demonized.

I'm not sympathetic with the couple regarding abortion.

I'm very sympathetic regarding unplanned pregnancy.

Of course they did what was natural! Of course they should be doing it without contraception.

But what is supposedly totally natural is rejecting the new life within the mother.

This is the crux of demonization. It doesn't matter how much sex you have in this world. What matters is that you do not blindly get pregnant. That's what is demonized.

Because the whole point is not to create new life.

It's an evil. It's a burden. It hampers plans. It makes a person responsible for someone, when they were not prepared for it. It's of such little value that people put everything else ahead of it.

The whole culture of sterile sex logically leads to "irresponsible behaviour" and self-loathing. Because if you cannot bear the responsibility of new life, and you fail at avoiding it (and large numbers of women do) then you are not being responsible. If you used a condom, you should have used a Pill; if you used a Pill, it should have been an IUD. If you used an IUD, you should have had your tubes tied.

Being open to life means never having to say you're sorry for your pregnancy.

Gotta love what the abortionist says about abortion:

It stops a potential life.

A beating heart is stopped, but it's only a potential life.

Come on. Face the biological truth about what you do. Own it.