Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Family thankful for the time they had with child

People have this idea that if your child is born with a lethal handicap, his short life will be full of suffering and pain, and that these things should be shunned as much as possible, never pausing to think of the joy that love and sacrifice can bring.

This is the case of Baby Jayla, who suffered from triple X syndrome and a congenital heart defect.

She lived ten months.

The doctors pushed for termination. You know why they do that? Because it's so simple. It's all over in a couple of days.

With a congenital heart defect, you have to make an effort to save the baby's life. So many resources have to be spent.

Resources that could be spent on babies who will live.

That is the logic of our culture of death.

When the value of life is not absolute, there is a crude calculus that comes into play, that measures a child's worthiness by how healthy he is.

But feminists will tell you: there is no discrimination whatsoever. You can't discriminate against a non-person, right? All that matters is the mom's point of view. If a baby has to die at the 24th week of a late-term abortion, oh well, tough luck, kid. You don't matter!