Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fascism reborn in Germany

Germany Jails Eight Christian Fathers for Removing Children from Sex-Ed Class

WESTPHALIA, Germany, December 11, 2009 ( - At least eight Russo-German families in Salzkotten, Germany, have suffered heavy fines and now their fathers have been sentenced to prison, because they have refused to send their elementary school-age children to mandatory sexual education classes.


Thornton states that unlike much of the American education system, German officials "view the children as belonging to the State, particularly during the time they are in school" and for that reason parents' beliefs and authority over their children takes second place to the interests and mandates of the State.


The fact that these children often outperform their counterparts in state schools has little bearing on the matter for Germany; the government's stated public policy is to suppress the existence of Parallelgesellschaften or "parallel societies" based on "separate philosophical convictions" through the education system.


This is why militantly secular societies are anti-thetical to religious freedom and will always end up persecuting Christians. When religion is devalued, religious freedom makes no sense.

Their education system teaches that your body belongs to you.

Except when it comes to education. Then your a** belongs to the government.

The Youth Welfare Office or Jugendamt - an institution similar to Child Protective Services - acts as the government's chief intervening instrument, and when prison and fines do not bend Christian families into compliance, they recommend that these Christians lose parental custody of their children.

I don't expect Amnesty International or any other human rights groups to come to their rescue. The cause is not lefish enough. They're too busy trying to help the abortion industry.

And the thing that makes me laugh is that people are perfectly capable of getting along in society with sex education-- believe it or not! It's not worth all this fuss.

That's the nature of state control. Much ado about nothing.