Sunday, December 13, 2009

Leftists Lie about Sarah Palin...AGAIN

Brian Lilley:

Left-wing writers are delighting in the fact that Palin has agreed to raise money for a socialist abortion providing hospital and point to this as proof that she’s a hypocrite. In doing so America's left is hoping to score political points at home by dragging Canada and our healthcare system into their political debate.

Palin has agreed to speak at a fundraising event in Hamilton on April 15, 2010 to raise money for St. Peter’s Hospital and the Juravinski Cancer Centre. Are both of these facilities part of Canada’s public health care system? Yes they are, we don’t have much choice here, there is one private hospital in all of Ontario, and even that is part of the public system. Does St. Peter’s or the JCC provide abortions? Not quite.

The JCC provides cancer care, which includes chemotherapy and other cutting edge treatments but not abortions. St. Peter’s is a mostly palliative care hospital focused on seniors and also does not provide abortions; most of the hospital’s clients are well past reproductive years.

I have a question.

If public healthcare is such a hot idea, why should Sarah Palin even have to raise money?

Shouldn't public revenue be able to cover all the medical costs of running a hospital.

Guess not!