Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No matter how much they try to gloss over it, nothing will change the reality

That abortion kills a human being.

Advocates for abortion think that if they just talk long enough and make one feel enough sympathy, they can make people forget the reality of abortion and get the public to accept it.

They are in denial. Which is fine by me.

No matter how many ways you square it, this is the reality of abortion:

All the excuses in the world do not erase this reality.

They think it's about women. They think the objection is really about letting women have their way, and that the argument about the fetus is a subterfuge.

But this is the reality. This is the price of women's empowerment.

Tough luck! is the response to the notion that a fetus has to die in the name of women's empowerment.

Oh sure, some people wish to honour that so-called "potential life. But actions speak louder than sentiments.

You do not kill whom you value. Creating an "honour" for this dead baby does not change that.

In their post-modern thought process, their moral judgement can accommodate that contradiction, because that's how they perceive reality: as something that is not necessarily logically consistent. It's all about what you think, not about what the truth is.

But that thought process cannot hold up to scrutiny. That's why the pro-abortion movement is losing ground. It's about power: "who decides". Power that is accountable to no one and is exercised in isolation, power that has no responsibility, power that has no principle except self-preservation and autonomy at any cost, including that of human life.

In their messed up heads, they say to themselves (unconsciously): Men exercise power that way, why can't women?

But as I often say: reality does not work that way.